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Animation Tools

In addition to all the advanced photo editing capabilities in the software, many users don’t realize that GIMP serves as a frame-by-frame animation creator as well. Naturally, since you’re working frame-by-frame, this isn’t necessarily the best program to undertake long or entailed video projects. However, since it is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manipulate animation setup, it is a fun way to get introduced to simple animation.

Rather than spending money on paid software like Photoshop to create simple animations, GIMP can handle all your basic animation and cartoon GIF needs without the price tag. Also, GIMP has remained consistent in how animations are handled, whereas Photoshop changed the whole animation control starting in CS6 and newer.

Where GIMP excels in animation is simple cartoons and GIF-making, or applying text styles. For instance, if you want to make a short hand-drawn cartoon GIF, you can do it just as easily as making a flipbook is in the analog world. Additionally, if you want to create moving or changing text in an ad or in the headline of your website or blog, it is simple to create a static picture with changing text to convey your message and catch a visitor’s eye!

For a concise overview of how to use GIMP to create animations, check out the following video:

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