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What Is Photo Editing Software?

Photo editing software enables you to control and edit images on your computer. Whether you take pictures just as a hobby, or want to start a small photography business, photo editing tools can help you achieve more professional looking results by allowing you to correct colors, enhance contrast and brightness, sharpen or blur an image, fix perspective problems, remove red-eye and more. With some photo editing software programs, like GIMP, you can even make photos look like a painting, or create animations.

The most popular photo-editing program on the market is Adobe Photoshop. But the program doesn’t come without a hefty price tag. Depending on the type of software you need, Adobe Photoshop can cost you as much as $1,000!

GIMP is the most popular and powerful free photo editor out there. People love GIMP’s easy-to-use features, as well as the wealth of free tutorials and support forums available on the web. Many of GIMP’s features are very similar to Adobe Photoshop, which makes the program extremely easy-to-use for people already familiar with Photoshop. If you’re new to photo editing software like GIMP, don’t worry! GIMP caters to beginners as well. With a little help, you can learn to edit photos like a pro in no time.

GIMP is free to download because it is open-source software, which means it was made open to the public so that anyone can download, change or distribute it as they like. GIMP is one of the most popular open-source software programs on the web today.

Whether you’re looking for a photo editor that can do basic photo enhancements or an editor that can handle more complex jobs like changing backgrounds, GIMP is the #1 choice.

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