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Learning a new program can tough at times, and with the variety of features that GIMP offers, it can be daunting. For that very reason, we have come up with the following tutorials to get you started and turn you into a photo editing master.

We’ve ordered these tutorials starting with the very basics of how to install GIMP and get started, all the way up to creating simple animations. No matter what your skill level, we have you covered!

  • How To Install GIMP
    Don’t let the installation process keep you from enjoying GIMP. If you have any questions or concerns, we address them here.
  • Get Started With GIMP
    We provide a quick overview and walk-through of the controls that will make using GIMP that much easier!
  • Basic Photo Enhancements
    Simple, straight-ahead changes can sometimes be done with as few as one or two clicks. Choose your topic below.
    • How To Crop An Image Using GIMP
      Assure the focus is on the subject of your photo by cropping out excess background content.
    • How To Improve Colors
      Transform a good photo into a great photo by perfectly balancing color levels, hue, saturation, contrast, and more.
    • Red eye removal
      Keep your friends and family members from looking like demons in photos with this simple fix.
    • Blemish removal
      You’ll be ready for your close-up when you learn how to easily remove or blend in unsightly blemishes.
    • How To Rotate An Image Using Gimp
      Don’t make everyone cock their head to the side to see your pictures; rotate your photo before you share it.
    • Teeth whitening
      Get pearly whites with a few clicks of your mouse and look like you paid hundreds of dollars on whitening treatments.
  • Editing images
    Sometimes editing a photo goes beyond photo touch-ups. Try some of the tutorials below to make your photos stand out.
    • Resize
      Transform your image to a different size so it can fit onto a page, or print out more easily.
    • Color to B&W or sepia
      Turn modern full-color photos into classic old-timey images with a few small adjustments.
    • “Noise” reduction
      Image “noise” is a necessary evil in digital photography, here is how you exorcise that evil from your pictures.
  • Drawing Shapes
    In addition to editing photo images, GIMP allows users to add elements like shapes and lines.
  • Changing Backgrounds
    Do you have a beautiful photo of yourself or a loved one taken in bad weather? Move them into the sunshine with this tutorial.
  • Simple Animations
    GIMP is more than just a photo editor or a drawing tool, it also is capable of creating simple animations. Learn how.
  • How To Uninstall GIMP
    We hate to see you go; but if you’re dead-set on removing GIMP from your computer, simply follow these steps.

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