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How To Improve Colors

You can improve colors in GIMP using a whole host of automated color correction tools. The following tools can be found by clicking Colors > Auto in the image menu:

  • Normalize This is a very useful tool for fixing underexposed images.
  • Equalize This is a powerful adjustment tool that spreads colors evenly in an image.
  • Color Enhance This tool can increase the saturation range of colors without altering the brightness or hue of an image.
  • Stretch Contrast This tool is similar to “Normalize” and can reduce color casts. It operates on red, green, and blue channels independently.
  • Stretch HSV This tool works to preserve the hue of an image. It does pretty much the same thing as Stretch Contrast except that it works in HSV, rather than RGB color space.
  • White balance Enhances images with poor white or black color by removing little used colors and stretch the remaining range.
  • Auto Levels This tool does a nice job of fixing both the brightness and the colors throughout an image. You can access this tool with the Levels tool. In the image menu click Tools > Color Tools > Levels or Colors > Levels. Then click the Auto button near the center of the dialog. You will see a preview of the result. Click OK for it to take effect.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to enhance colors in your photos with GIMP click here:

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