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How To Remove Blemishes With GIMP

Nobody likes a pimple—nobody! Thanks to GIMP, you can diminish the look of pimples, wrinkles, scars, sun spots and even dark areas that appear under the eyes. While there are a few ways you can remove blemishes using GIMP, the healing tool is probably the best and most popular way to get rid of unsightly blemishes. Below is a tutorial on how to use this tool effectively.

  • Open GIMP.
  • Now open the image you want to edit. 

  • Go to the Toolbox and select the healing tool. This is the icon at the bottom that looks like two crossed yellow band-aids:
  • Now hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and select a clear piece of skin that you would like to use a color match for the blemishes areas.
  • Next, click on all the blemishes you want removed in your picture and watch them disappear like magic!

For video tutorials on how to remove blemishes using GIMP click here:

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