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How To Remove Red Eye With GIMP

Red eyes in your pics? GIMP has tools that can help get the red out! Red eye occurs in a photo when you take a picture with the flash on and the light from the flash catches in the iris of the eyes.

While lots of cameras and phones today come with special flash modes designed to help minimize red eye, these features don’t always work. GIMP has two tools that can help remove red eye: the “Red Eye Removal” filter tool and the “Burn Out” tool. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to use these tools to remove red eye with GIMP.

1. “Red Eye Removal” Filter

  • Choose one of the selection tools in the Toolbox. We recommend using the Fuzzy tool.
  • Now select the red part of the eye and click the Red Eye Removal filter.
  • Adjust colors using the Threshold bar until you reach your desired results.

The Burn Out Tool

  • Select the Dodge and Burn tool.
  • Double click on the button to get the Tool Options dialog box.
  • Now touch all of the red areas in the eyes with the Burn Out tool to remove the red in the eyes.

For video tutorials on how to remove red eye using GIMP click here:

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