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How To Change Backgrounds With GIMP

Do you have a great picture, but want to change the background? With GIMP you can easily change backgrounds—from black to white, or from a beach setting to the mountains! Below you will find basic instructions on how to change backgrounds with GIMP.

  • First open GIMP, then open your image.
  • Now select the Rectangular Selection tool from the Toolbox.
  • Using this tool crop out the parts of the image you don’t want in the picture.
  • Then click Image > Crop.
  • Now select the paths tool from the Toolbox.
  • Now zoom in on your image and
 click to create a path around the area you want to keep.
  • Once you have your path selected click Select > Invert then hit delete to remove the entire background outside of the selection.
  • Now go to File > Open As Layers.
  • Select the photo you want as your background image. This will place the selection on the new background!

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