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How To Draw Basic Shapes With GIMP

You can create shapes with GIMP by painting, connecting straight lines, or by using the most basic method: using the selection tools provided in the Toolbox. While GIMP was not originally created to be used as a drawing program, many people have mastered the art of drawing with GIMP.

Once you’ve mastered drawing in GIMP, you can start to create simple animations too! As with most creation and editing methods in GIMP, there are various ways to draw a shape, but below is the most basic and popular way.

  • You can create basic shapes like rectangles or circles, using the selection tools located at the top of the Toolbox. For example, there is a “Rectangular Selection” tool you can use to easily draw a rectangle. It looks like a white rectangle with a faint dotted outline:
  • Select the “Rectangular Selection” tool.
  • Now press and hold the mouse button while you move the mouse to another position in the image.
  • Once you release the mouse the rectangle will be created. It’s as simple as that!

For a tutorial on how to draw a circle with GIMP click here:

For a tutorial on how to draw simple shapes using the pen tool with GIMP click here:

For video tutorials on how to draw basic shapes with GIMP click here:

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