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How To Resize Images With GIMP

Have a great picture that you’d like to blow up or make smaller? With GIMP you can resize a standard 4 x 6 image to an 8 X 10, and vice-versa. Discover how simple it is to do simple cropping and resizing with GIMP! Below is a basic tutorial on how to resize an image using GIMP.

  • First open GIMP, then open the image you want to resize. (Note: You’ll notice that GIMP automatically opens images at a logical viewing size regardless of the images original size. For example, if you are trying to size down an image and it displays much larger than your computer screen, GIMP will automatically set the zoom feature so that your image displays well on your viewing screen.)
  • Next right click on your image to display the menu and click Image > Scale Image.
  • Now enter your dimensions.

For the difference between resizing your image and resizing your canvas click here:

For a complete video tutorial on how to resize images using GIMP click here:

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