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How To Do Simple Animation

Want to create a funny cartoon or animated meme? With GIMP you can make simple drawings come to life without having to learn complicated Flash code! Below are step-by-step instructions on how to creates animations with GIMP.

  • Start by opening GIMP and select File > New.
  • Set the color space to RGB if you want your animation to be in color. Set it as transparency if you want to include a background.
  • Now draw the first frame of your animation. (Note: For your first time, try drawing something simple, like a stick figure or a smiley face.)
  • Once you have your first frame drawn, duplicate the layer by selecting Layers Option > New Layer. The frame will now be called background copy.
  • Set the opacity somewhere in the 40′s or 60′s so that you can see what your preceding frame looks like while also making it distinguishable from your new one.
  • Draw your next frame and set the opacity back to 100%, then make a new layer.
  • Repeat all of the previous steps until you have made all of the frames needed to complete your animation.
  • To compress your files save them as an animated Gif, and set the delay for each frame. Click Filters > Animation > Playback.

For a tutorial on how to create a simple animated web banner using GIMP click here:

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